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Mario Harris

Women Practicing Yoga
I was raised in Slocomb playing football, basketball, and baseball. I believe I had an okay life as a kid. I actually went to church on and off for most of my childhood and heard a little about the Lord. Around 16 years old I started to distance myself from the church and that’s when my life started to spiral out of control. I started drinking and smoking weed here and there and as time progressed, it led to harder drugs like meth, cocaine, pills and pretty much anything I could do to make myself feel like I was okay. I dropped out of high school in my junior year and started working to support my habits all while hiding it from my family. In the midst of all of this my girlfriend got pregnant, and her family knew the Lord. We ended up getting married and having two children. I started going to New Life Church with her and her family when I met Tony and Lynn in 2008. I only went off and on to say I was going. I was just playing church because I wouldn’t surrender. My life just continued to be a mess. In 2012 I lost my first wife and children. In 2013 I met Mandy, we got married in 2016. Neither of us were serving the lord and we were living in misery. My wife had a life changing encounter and fully surrendered to the Lord in Nov 2020. My unwillingness to change almost led me to a second divorce. Everytime I would go to church Tony would say to me if you would just surrender, son your life will get better. So in January of 2021, I fully surrendered to the Lord and He changed my life in a major way. I gave Him everything! Now I’m clean and sober for two years. And I have been able to visit my children for the first time in ten years. My son now lives with me. I’m back working with Total Remodeling. I now live a very blessed life with a great family and awesome church family. GLORY TO GOD!
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