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Martin Anciso

Women Practicing Yoga

Before I started living for the Lord, I lived a life of pure misery. I was pretty bad off on drugs, I had my own business but it was going nowhere because my drug habit was my number one priority. I put it before everything in my life, my work, and my family. Everything that really mattered in life was put on the back burner because I was lying to myself and everyone around me to make myself feel all right about my habit. It literally controlled my life. All I wanted to do was be at work because I knew that it was the only way I could get high comfortably. But the bad thing is I was so worried about getting high that I could barely get any work done anytime my family had anything going on. I put in that I had to work because getting high was the most important part of my life. I mean I love my family and I’ve always wanted to be there for them but I couldn’t. I lied to myself every day telling myself there’s no way I could quit because I wouldn’t be able to manage without it. I would lose my job and my family because at this point I needed it, so I thought. I mean the enemy will make you feel comfortable so that you don’t try to better yourself so that you will stay living in Sin. If you don’t see that there’s anything wrong with what you’re doing, why would you stop? But it eventually caught up with me. Work started slowing down because I wasn’t getting enough done, I mean when I worked, I made good money, paid the bills, supported my habit, but that was it, there was nothing else left. I lived that way for quite a while before the Devil took everything I really cared about and left me with nothing but an addiction and a broken heart. My family was gone, My truck broke down, a couple days later my lights got cut off, and I couldn't go to work because I had no ride. I found out I had four warrants for my arrest. I had nothing else to lose. So I hit my knees and prayed. I begged the Lord to forgive me and I begged him to guide me to the right path. Then I went to church the following Sunday, went to the altar and repented! Asked the Lord to forgive me of all my sins. The next day I went to help Tony on a metal roof. I left early because I still had no lights and I didn’t want to be in that house another night in the pitch dark freezing, but there was nothing I could do. Ended up asking my brother-in-law Caleb if he could get my money for me for working that day, because I had no food and was starving, which he did! It was a lot more money than the work I did in a half a day that day, and when he handed it to me that night he said Tony wanted me to tell you, “if you’re ready to get your life back together be ready for work first thing in the morning.” I was up and ready, but my truck messed up again and I didn't even make it out of my yard. I had to call and luckily Tony understood and sent someone to pick me up. After work that day he told me to ride with him and he took me around looking at a couple jobs and said Martin I hate to be so blunt but you and I both know you did this yourself you didn’t have Jesus, but now you know that Jesus needs to be the most important part of your life and all I ask for six months of your time stick with me for six months what else do you have to lose. I saw it as Jesus using him to save me, so of course I accepted his offer. Then he offered me to stay at his house and of course, I accepted. He then said to me that the only way I could lose now is by quitting! So he took me to my house to fix my truck to make it to his house. He followed me back to his house. I quit smoking weed and meth right then and there. Told myself if he’s willing to do all this to help save me the least I can do is have respect for him and his household and family by not doing the evil sinful things I was doing. By that Friday I bought a pack of cigarettes when I got paid, never even opened them and quit smoking cigarettes that day.  The whole time I was living a lie.  The Lord helped me stay strong and forgave what I knew was wrong. There were no withdrawals from the drugs and I never craved a cigarette again. I’ve truly been blessed. I serve a very powerful Almighty God and I thank him every day for what he’s done for me and my family because not only do I live for the Lord now so does my brother, my nephew, mother, father, and my beautiful daughter Alayna. I have a good job with great people who do anything to help anybody. Mr. Tony and his family have helped me a lot and I thank them as well but Jesus Christ gets all my praise because he has delivered me the least I can do is be obedient to him and spread the word of God to everyone I know and meet. Thank you Jesus you truly are the King of Kings!

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